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It never lets me play

trumpygame responds:


There was cockamamie hacking going on by the DNC causing an issue on mobile devices last week, but luckily I came in and touched it with my ENORMOUS hands as everything I touch turns to gold.

You're gonna love it, you're so gonna love it - it's TREMENDOUS!


ourhero has joined the game
ourhero: Hey what's up?
1337: nothin' much. we have a party


Gob has joined the game

Gob: Party in Madness online? Oh hehe

Gob, or Jebus, then starts killing everybody. He does spare a grunt and DJ 1337.

ourhero: oh crap

Then backup came. They shoot down Gob and then the party returns to normal.

The return of Fred

Soulkeeper's Guard: Sir, we have a new soul
Soulkeeper: Who is it?
Guard: Fredlogoabavaniadeimosagainscachonianiagogogoch, or Fred for short.
Soulkeeper: Send him in, full body.
Guard: As you wish

A grunt comes into the room. But this is Fredlogoabavaniadeimosagainscachonianiagogogoch as the grunt and he breaks free and takes the blaster out of the Guard's hands and kills the soulkeeper. Then he shoots the guard. He looks into the soul room and finds a ton of souls. Billions and trillions of them. So he took the one of someone named "Deimos" and "Edward Gould". Fred is sad because he just realized Deimos didn't get his last name printed. He returns to Earth.

Last game on the last page

In a non-canon universe where Tricky died once shot after MC5, Hank finally joins the AAHW, and because of this, they renamed the agency to AAMWR (Agency Against Madness Without Reason). When Sanford and Deimos were sent to there they got hit by the same flying party that hit them in 5.5, and after 6.5, they got to Hank. They realized he was in the MWR base, so they searched for him there. Deimos thought he found them, and shot the person, but it was just Biro, the new mercenary. Deimos looked again at the radar and realized that Hank was right infront of the counter with the TV. Biro then tells them the information was recently downloaded and the AAMWR wouldn't stand a chance. Hank drops a tear and comes out, and then shoots them all. He spared Biro because they were good friends. He took the USB drive and took it to the AAMWR. Biro knew what to do. But not by himself. He needed to kill his good friend.

For a second I thought JunkWarriors's review was mine. I have the same comments except, this one is much better than he thought. Congrats!

hackD3v responds:

Thanks man :)

The typing doesn't even work for me.

Hank: Stay together Deimos. It's probably the smokes.
Deimos: No, it can't be. I know for a fact this feeling can't be from that
Sanford: Wait, you guys here something
Deimos: *Reloads gun*
Hank: Wait a second. *Aims gun*
Sanford: It's getting louder! *Cups ear*
Deimos: *Points it at head*
Tricky: YeS dO iT nOw ThErE iS nO nEeD tO wOrRy
Deimos: *Pulls trigger*

Then a fight occurred between Sanford and Deimos thanks to Tricky. Sanford was the sole survivor.

edit: hey, just know i was a lot dumber when i made this review. i know it's awful. i thought this game was a 3 star, too. no way in hell.

There is not enough time to do anything!

Kwing responds:

It is pretty tricky, I admit. Keep trying and make sure to hold down the button.


Sanford and Hank finally found the revival tank to put Deimos in, but Sanford gets a sword thrown at him by the Auditor, and he's stuck on the wall. Hank is fatigued and realized the Auditor wants him not to attack him, but kill someone. It's a grunt with 2 pistols who stomped on the floor. Text above him said "Awww man, I wanted to finish my job". Then Hank realized. This is the 15 year old him who almost died in Madness Redeemer. He got saved. Hank kept the mutation because Avenger still happened. Hank can't do it, even for Sanford's life. But then he realized. It's not for him or Sanford. It's for the Nevadans. And the globe. So Hank said one last goodbye to himself and Sanford and pulled the trigger on Redeemer Hank. He immediately faded. The head was blown up on the grunt. Almost all the organs were out making it a mushy mess. Sanford became a grunt, too. Also Deimos went up and was in terror of his injury. Finally, they were the normal brothers. Now they don't have to go against the Auditor anymore. But Deimos had his old self in tact. Sanford told him to have no worries and pulled out the sword. He was in great pain but he experienced worse. Sanford tells him the story, and how he got stabbed. Deimos believed him because of the sword being made years after the time Sanford went to, and it being signed from someone who doesn't exist anymore, "AUDITOR"

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