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Good work, but I believe it could be better. Some ideas I have are these.

A classic mode for the original style of Dance Dance Revolution

Endless modes for both Swiping Mode and Classic Mode

If you added those 2, then I would rate you a five!

OMNIDAD responds:

The name of the game actually came last so it wasn't in my thoughts at the time of actually developing it, (the pun just made me giggle too much) but I'll definitely consider it, especially since I do want to get to an arrow dance game sometime soon. maybe a sequel, mwahahahaha
The game was originally an endless mode until I realized the futility of life as the random dance icons flashed at speeds on the screen approaching infinity. It was fun.
I'm being silly. Yee, I'll see about tweaking and adding to it, hadn't thought of that

Nice one, laddy! Although currently there's not much shit going on, this has a lot of fuckin' potential!

Here's some scenes I created cuz why not


Robotnik Wins

Robotnik created a trap for Sonic and friends so that when they try to fight him, the platform gets destroyed. The only survivors of this were him, Cream, and Rouge. Robotnik has won

Scene 2:

Too fast

Sonic goes too fast and all of his friends go back in time. The only way to get them back is to go back in time himself. There he finds all of his friends helped by Sonic 3 versions. This makes Sonic furious when they said they didn't need any help. Except for Knuckles, of course, he earned his Super form.


The Master Emerald is falling, and sonic attacked a sticky pole to it so he can go down with it. Sonic makes sure it lands in the spot it's supposed to and then it happens. Rip sonic.

I loved it, but it lagged my computer while playing some of the later missions.

However I still beat it and I'm ready to beat my 84th place record

io3creations responds:

I'm glad you loved it and congrats for beating the game with the extra challenge! :)

They sometimes are slow and sometimes fast. Belongs on Scratch, not newgrounds

IgnaxioYT responds:

I just tried for test to ser whay happens, yeah, you are right, im waiting for getting the Windows 8 to install clickteam

Not bad, but maybe you can work on a new coin system and more guys

Oh my god that's terrifying and deep

Jaswir responds:

Glad you enjoyed the experience!

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My browser said that you can take my info.

MrDuck-XS responds:

What info did you mean?

There's a bug on the magmum training. Headshots only do 45 damage out of the 50 hp.

I didn't like this game, but I think it could be better if you made an English version and maybe add some more levels so the first part has a time limit and you need at least (insert number here) in kills and then there can be a 2D shooter or another shoot 'em up. It's your choice. and if you don't understand me, use
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