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I knew I wasn't the only fan of Peter Knetter

Fidget-Playz responds:


Impossible to start. Everytime I press start it goes down.

Caavida responds:

Should be fixed.
Unfortunately, it's due to the fact that it's an HTML game having problems with Newgrounds, especially on keyboard inputs.
I have now implemented a mouse-only-mode.


What on Earth is the last one?

Cyberdevil responds:

The Cyberdevil? ;)

Don't like this, but here's something I made


Zack Tyler (see post below) was next to Hank. In 1 second they were next to eachother. Another had a mag agent behind them. Another one they had weapons. And finally the last one Hank was shot twice and Zack was smoking with a carton of cigs.

yeah that's all.

Barely anything to do and really confusing. Don't see potential at all

Bigaston responds:

This game is a game for game jam so I don't have lot of time to do a tutorial. And this is a parody of AdVenture Capitalist game with game developpement.

Character(s): Biro and Fred

Biro used to be a normal guy, until he was hired into the AAHW. When the AAHW dissolved into the AAMWR, the thing that Hank used to work for, Biro noticed some strange things going on. He and 3 others left the AAMWR but then all of a sudden Fred Jenkins also left.

3 years after the dissolving of the AAMWR, Fred was killed by Hank. Biro tried to kill Hank but he was no match. He survived, but he was shot in the left eye and hank. Biro took Fred's body to a local gas station after hearing rumors of a possible resurrection station going on there. He found it and revived Fred. Fred was a general in the MWR after that do to skill in commanding and front lines skill. He was more popular than the vice president, actually

Biro started going on undercover missions with a red ATP eye covering the wound on his left eye. His hand however was simply bandaged. My scene shows the 2 on a mission against a rebel training base. It shows Biro, in a suit, and Fred, in a general outfit, going inside and killing 2 grunts.

Fred was MadnessMaster9000's character, but Biro was my own.

edit: hey, just so you know, it's not like this was made yesterday. newgrounds kept on notifying me this for months so i just wanted to let you know.

This is the best pixel art maker I've seen. I managed to recreate Mario with a slight difference to his skin color. This is awesome and can lead to good things.

ItsVolt responds:

thanks! :D

Yeah it's pretty fun

I expected something good

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