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Posted by juicedrop - November 10th, 2020

i might have to redesign the wilbur characters because it's been so long i can't instinctively recreate them. i'll try to make them as faithful as possible.

Posted by juicedrop - November 10th, 2020

i'm gonna make the final wilbur part now ok see ya

Posted by juicedrop - July 7th, 2020


The sheriff or Wilbur and pals?

To vote, react with the angry face for Wilbur

React with a smiley face for the Sheriff


Posted by juicedrop - June 25th, 2020

The duo come to help their fallen friends, but the Sheriff brings in the ST Units. These are the Specialized Tactical Frontline Units, the most powerful of the most powerful. While Hank can kill them with ease, Wilbur's head top is blown off just like that.


As Hank deals with everyone else, he helps up the fallen squad. Tyler, angry at Nick, wants him dead, though Biro says that it's best if they let him get away with it. Everyone has their survival methods. Though Hank agrees with Tyler. Biro then says "If you want him dead, then fine. Go find him. Take Hank with you if you want and get your revenge. It's not like he did anything brutal to us."

Biro, now alone, takes Wilbur's body and hopes to find a resurrection chamber. Because there's no way Nevada can lose that much people, and this is before Apotheosis. He finds a computer in an empty room but unfortunately that wasn't for resurrection purposes. However, 2 armed men arrive inside the room. Biro points a gun at them, but they seem to be friendly. Turns out, this is Logan James and Cody.


Cody was resurrected, with a black foot replacing his fallen foot. He has red sunglasses, which he found in the base he was revived inside. He was still torn up at the time, but bandaged himself up along with getting nice clothes. The sunglasses however seemed to give him powers, and he now thinks he might be "The One". To prove himself, he resurrects Wilbur on the spot. Wilbur now has some stuff on his head to cover up his wound, but he's fine now. Logan on the other hand was captured and forced into the STraining. Luckily, Cody, or as he's now known as "The One", broke him out and they went to help their squad.

Now, let's catch up on the others. Tyler is about to get his revenge on Nick. Nick was escaping in his car, but Hank and him chased him on a motorcycle. He crashed, surrendering. However, Tyler doesn't forgive traitors. Even Hank is like "woah dude calm down i get shot all the time" but Tyler doesn't care. He sliced Nick's head in half vertically in the cave they crashed in.


Meanwhile, Wilbur finds out the sheriff is escaping with a truck. Surprised how little of this adventure was involved with him, he gets in the truck. It's covered in ST's, and he might not have a fighting chance.

Except he does.

The rest of the guys are providing help from a helicopter, and it seems as if he'll get revenge. And he does. He kills all the ST's, and even takes some of their clothes before getting to the sheriff, who just watched. He throws the bodies off the truck, and the James Brothers + The One get on the truck to help, while the others watch from above. It's time for the sheriff and Wilbur's first and final showdown. However, the Sheriff isn't worried. Other than his design changing completely, he has people supporting the truck. So, who will win.

Wilbur, or the Sheriff Leo. The winner is the person who outlives the other.



Posted by juicedrop - June 24th, 2020

As the squad moves onto the courtyard, Cody is blasted into shreds by the MG, even tearing off his foot.


In rage, Biro shoots the gas tank next to Gemini and the random agent, blasting the both of them. Later on, they get into the next building, where the crew (except Logan) is incapacitated by a flashbang through a wall, with the one still standing managing to fight them off, but is shot, which later bleeds him out.


The crew recovers quickly after that, first being Biro, then Nick, then Wilbur and finally Tyler. Logan is nowhere to be seen, making them realize he must've been captured. They lost 2 men already, Cody and Logan. How could things get worse?

They do, as the next room they enter the remaining members of the squad are all captured and thrown in prison, where Logan seems to be lacking an appearance. The 4 are losing hope fast.

The next day, Wilbur wakes up to find the door open and the other 3 missing. He walks out to find the area empty, until a familiar face came to Wilbur and game him a gun.


Upon leaving, he sees his friends, minus Nick, on the ground, with Tyler waking up as they put a gun to his head. Hank and Wilbur start firing at the guards, still determined on their mission. Nick, on the other hand, is running. He shot his crew in order to get a headstart in running and hopefully survive. However, Sheriff Leo sees him and shoots him in the eye, but fails to capture him as Nick furthers into his escape.


To be continued.

Posted by juicedrop - June 24th, 2020

The group gets to the base, and Biro, Nick, and Wilbur are chosen to be the first 3 that come in, with the others defending just in case. The 3 get in and kill the only person who was in the room, with Wilbur taking his sunglasses. However, more people in the dozens arrive and Biro takes care of them.


At first it's too much for the 3, considering their combined weaponry of a rifle, a deagle, and a knife, but luckily the 3 hear the gunshots and come in to help. They succeed, of course.


Cody grabs a heavy rifle and kills 2 guards (i know i forgot to give the sunglasses and hands to the agent) as Biro kills an officer as he tries to give himself adrenaline, whilst grabbing the fallen gun of a guard who was shot by Cody. Nick follows along, and later another person arrives but is spared by the squad, and is bribed to get the hell out. On camera, Officer Gemini sees the chaos and contacts Sheriff Leo to find an escape. When he sees that the crew is headed to the courtyard, he makes his way to the roof.


There, he awaits, with a random agent, to start the onslaught against the squad.


The squad makes it right before the courtyard. Logan, Tyler, and Nick have a conversation while Cody prepares the door behind the squad to close and right in front to open, unknowing to what's going to happen.

To be continued

Posted by juicedrop - June 21st, 2020

Prologue is Part 1

Wilbur went to the MWR and told them the situation. There were several types of squads, and the one Wilbur went into had the following.


Tyler James (with the sword)

Logan James (the boring one)

Cody (The beanie guy)

Nick (The suit guy)

Biro (The Captain)

and now it had Wilbur.

Biro is the best friend of Fred, who is a former AAHW member who betrayed the clan and went on to become a high member of MWR. (Both Fred and Tyler James were created by MadnessMaster9000, with Logan James being made as a brother to Tyler.)

They knew the mission. To kill Leo, and maybe Gemini and Pisces. Last they heard, Leo and his group were at their base, as they had affiliations to the AAHW and were the funding behind the newest members of the AAHW; The Specialized Units. As of now, there were only Tactical Frontline units being specialized, but they were well on their way to make more. Perhaps they could kill 2 birds with one stone and destroy the ST's before they get made.

About an hour later, they arrived at base. With guns in hands, they prepared. To take Leo's head.

To be continued...

Posted by juicedrop - June 21st, 2020

the sneak peak is no longer canon (partially) as i've changed the storyline a lot, but here's a new sneak peak; the prologue.

Wilbur was a man. He lived peacefully. But he owed the sheriff Leo some money, and usually he would get his associates Gemini and Pisces Hit to come and shake him down, but Wilbur wouldn't budge. Later one day, Leo arrested Wilbur and took him to the sheriff. Leo was corrupt, and he tasked Wilbur with something he wouldn't want to do. He was to be stationed on a rooftop and assassinate several members of the M.W.R, Madness Without Reason. Wilbur was friendly with Kidd and Biro, members of the M.W.R, and he really didn't want to do it.

Wilbur, stationed in the building, looked at the people down below. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't want to do it. How could he do such a heinous act? Why must he be the monster for such a tiny thing as a small debt? In the end, he decided not to do it. He knew this would kill him. So he had to call up someone. That someone could possibly save his life. In the end, the guy did find something for him. One thing that he both regrets and doesn't regret. Changing his life by joining the Madness Without Reason.


Posted by juicedrop - June 14th, 2020


edit: btw, i've decided that the one guy who's still standing and ready to fight should be the sole survivor of the group. like, since he fights back, the auditor decides he's good enough to spare.

Posted by juicedrop - June 9th, 2020

i want to publish animations here but the only ones i know how to do are the one frame at a time primitive things beginners do. i'm trying to learn basic movements by trying my hand at a stick figure animation (like old times) because it would take a lot longer to do spritework plus i'm lazy as hell.