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Wilbur (Finale)

Posted by juicedrop - November 11th, 2020

Before you go in, I accidentally swapped the appearances of Logan and Biro, so imagine how they would actually look in this situation.

Wilbur and Leo start their finale, but right before they attack.... CRASH! There was no driver. Everyone on the bus was killed. Except Wilbur. Cody comes and helps to heal him, whilst mourning the death of the James brothers.


The 3 surviving teammates head out, taking enemy vehicles with them. Hank heads off to a party to attack the DJ, and the 3 seem to be good on their own.


Things change in mood very quickly however, as a familiar fate reaches them.


Due to The One being pretty much a god, he survives, but is knocked unconsious. Wilbur and Biro are later attacked. When their locations were reached by Sanford, Deimos, and Kidd, they only found Cody's beanie. They had no idea what had happened.

Basically, the team was dead. Or so they thought. They were shot not by Gemini, but rather Pisces Hit (yes that's his name) in a mask. For days, Wilbur and Biro were tortured, and The One was locked away in the middle of a glacier (yeah they really did that in this canon, it's a lot different than what i initially planned). For the time they were locked away, the entire rest of the canon Madness Combat series up until Expurgation (or the episodes with Doc?). They were found by Kidd.


The 3 fight their way out, but not before Wilbur takes the glasses of the scientist, and make their way to a train, where Wilbur takes off his spy gear while fighting off attackers and the Dream Duo is going through the train.


The dream duo make their way to the conductor's, who just so happens to be Pisces. They fight on the train before Pisces jumps out, and he's getting away! Wilbur and Kidd try to reach him but Kidd is shot, but Wilbur has the last laugh. The team finally ends their nightmare...


And finally, the epilogue!

Wilbur retires back to living a nice, calm, and easy life. Kidd survived the injury and ended up making a full recovery, although he had moderate brain damage due to the incident. He and Sanford run an antique store somewhere in Arizona. Biro continued to work with Fred in the MWR, and is currently running the Resurrection project; where they try to find The One, bring him back, and also bring back the James brothers.

This is the end of Wilbur's story, however there's so much more that we've never seen. What's next? Biro? Fred? Sanford & Kidd's Antique Anarchy? Find out soon. Anyway, I'm going to be taking a long break now :/

See ya. Sorry Leo had a really disappointing end. This wasn't supposed to be the finale. Originally, Leo and Wilbur had a long battle, which ended in whomever was voted victorious. Nobody voted except me. Originally, after Leo died, there was going to be another episode where Pisces resurrects Leo and Gemini and there's a final battle between the remaining team members (including Depredation Hank) would defeat the Unholy Trio. The MWR would fail, and I believe a couple of them would've died? But Cody (or The One) ended up saving the day and kicked all their asses, and he erased them from further existence, at the cost of his power... temporarily. Wilbur would survive, Biro would survive, basically anyone who isn't a James brother.