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Posted by juicedrop - June 23rd, 2018

A man is in the Nevada for the Freedom of Others building. He is of interest for the Skullbones gang, lead by Mark "Skullbones" Johnson. They go to the the roof and spot him smoking a cig. The 2 sent, Jack Pierce and Harry Norton are skilled Skullbones fighters. They kidnap the target and leave a note. The NFO sees the note and reaches out to the Skullbones. They arrange a meeting with Terry Jenkins, brother of Fred Jenkins. In the middle of the thing they bring out the kidnapped grunt, Joe Pini. But after he's brought out, Jack Pierce pops out of a nearby trash can and starts shooting at Terry. Terry is quickly killed and Harry realizes a plan. He shoots himself twice, arm and leg, and dusts off the fingerprints before placing it where Terry is. They quickly escape.

2 months later NFO declared war on the Skullbones gang due to weapons tracing going back to Harry. They just want Harry and Joe back. But the Skullbones sent more skilled men to take down NFO. One crew, including Mark, Harry, Jack, and Bob, go after the wrong base on accident. This includes Paul, the most badass antagonist. He sets them up by cloning a soldier and the lead scientist. Then he uses direct orders secretly planted inside the cloning machine that changes the user and the clone to follow direct order to make the soldier hunt down a crew. This crew was actually the CBBD. But instead they ran into the Skullbones crew. They were trying to find possible NFO members and sparing civillians but all they saw were AAFJ agents, engineers, soldats, mags, and soldiers. They came to the conclusion they were in the wrong base. But an ATP Soldier spotted them and started shooting. The 4 hid under 3 crates and Bob subdued the soldier temporarily by throwing his uzi at him. Then he grabs it and moves on on his own. He tries shooting at 3 AAFJ members, one of them being Biro Gator, but gets shot to death quickly. One of the Skullbones gangster, who wears a green/black version of the Soldat thing and black clothes pulls out a pistol and sees Harry gets murdered. This is the upgraded Jack Pierce. He pulls out his pistol and shoots one of the soldiers to death. After that he gets his head nearly blown off by Biro. Skullbones surrenders and explains the whole situation, but since they mistook him for a NFO agent, Walton Colly, they shot him dead. This act weakened the AAFJ once they shot him and the AAFJ was easy to be destroyed. The NFO managed to finish off the Skullbones gang and teamed up with the AAFJ in exchange for assistance on defeating attackers. Walton Colly was executed by his only friends for crimes he didn't commit which angered Terry, who is now known as the sole attacker after the CBBD stories come out.

Posted by juicedrop - June 22nd, 2018

This is entirely dedicated to Fred Jenkins


Now that Fred has permanately taken Biro Parker Gator with him, he must fight a common enemy. He had recruited a new guy, Seth. Seth wasn't really that talented in combat but he was talented in the madness. Good distraction. The mission was simple. Destroy project AQ. It was named after Marcus Aq who created the project. They managed to contact Zack and he claimed the rules were simple. Blow up the room and take the scientist. They were also told there was a seperate squadron doing this. The people in that were: Chuck, Dan, Bruce, and Ben. Ben had a bat. Bruce had fists as he was a brute. Dan had daggers. And Chuck had nunchucks. They were told the scientist and a random heavy soldier were the first to be tested. Fred and Seth went on. Biro, inside Fred, was in the paradise. But to Fred, he was in Hell.

Part 2: Seth does his job. Seth distracted guards so Fred could get in. Then the alarms tripped. Chuck bursted in and surprised Fred. Fred and Chuck went onto the next room where 3 men were there. They were staring at a body in a ventilation shaft and trying to contact someone who could pull it out. Fred took out a dagger from himself (because he was pretty much the new Auditor) and stabbed one of the guys. Chuck knocked out the other 2. In the next room 2 scouts and a tactical unit were practicing for the big days. Fred pulled a special triple barrel out and shot the 3 of them. He made it dissapear after that. There was a crossroads with 2 rooms. They split up after that.

Part 3: Fred's last stand was near. He pulled out a minigun and started shooting at the endless ammount of soldiers. Then came the big guys. Specialized Tactical Frontline Units or STFU (i swear it was a coincidence when it first happened). There were 3 of those big boys. One of them had a special weapon that could kill the Auditor. Fred took out the other 2 without a sweat. But then the guy started shooting. He managed to blast off the head of Auditor-Fred and Biro came out, completely confused. The STFU unit took him in and drove him to another base.

And that's the end of my special universe

I mean there will be more of this, but Fred? He's gone. Forever. Biro? He's taken in with the AA. It's probably going to be renamed to AACDBB against the special squadron but it's unknown.

Posted by juicedrop - June 22nd, 2018

they deleted the review for me and I was allowed to change it

Posted by juicedrop - June 20th, 2018


Posted by juicedrop - June 20th, 2018

Months have passed since the "incident" but everything seems okay for the MWR and AABP. They have launched a new experimental campaign which is so subliminal Biro can't show his face anywhere due to side effects. Biro realized if he were to survive, he must slaughter en masse.

He runs out with his large assortment of weaponry and he starts to slaughter his attackers. His weaponry included 2 battle axes, 2 shotguns, 2 uzis, 2 assault rifles, and a rocket launcher. Oh and 2 swords. He had a special vest just for this. You see, Zack actually survived but he lost his legs of course. He's been helping Biro in secret the whole time in exchange for a material that could bring back Logan. But back to the slaughterfest. He pulls out 2 swords and starts to slaughter grunts and spares normal civillians trying to be heroes and cops. The whole fucking millitary shows up and starts to shoot at him, but he has his way. He takes off the fucking hood of a car and uses it as a shield. He's gone insane. There's no going back. Then he got shot. Luckily, his vest handled it. It was Sanford. "Had to go out to do this, sorry man!". But he was stopped by someone. It was Kid. "Maybe we should watch like other people did to you."

Biro pulled out his shotguns and started to shoot at the things behind the millitary: 1337 and 1447 agents guarded by Engineers and Soldats.

Biro ran out of shells and started using his assault rifles which succeeded and the 1337 agents were all gone and only 1 engineer remained for engineers. That said engineer injected himself with something causing himself to overpower more than the others. Those others later died easily from Biro. Biro ran out of AR ammo and started going to UZI's trying to kill the agent. This fails and he loses his ammo for that. He goes to battle axes and after a bunch of misses he throws both at the agent and only one hits. He pulls out his rocket launcher and blows the shit out of the engineer. But he keeps on coming! He reforms as the heart is explosion-proof. Then he spawns a binary sword. The 2 had a good battle, and one of Biro's swords broke. Then his other one broke so he was left unarmed. He surrendered but then he remembered a smoke grenade. He used that and stole the binary sword of the engineer to destroy his heart. That finally killed it. He then moved onto the base itself. He sliced after sliced through grunts and 1337 agents. Then an engineer came out with an M4 and shot Biro a few times in non vest areas but Biro sliced off the head of that engineer. Then he collapsed. He was shot in the back of the head by a revived Hank, who was immediately shot in the back of the head by a revived Gunslinger, who proceeded to high five a possessed Fred Jenkins. He absorbed the body of Biro so they could be together forever and seeing how Fred managed to grab the halo while dead thanks to Zack so he saved Zack from his poor condition and revived Logan. He laughed and then he shot out a beam of energy that blew up the main base of the MWR. On the news said "Vigilantes destroy Madness with Reason. Warrant issued"

Inside the world of Fred Biro was always near him in a utopia paradise where the AABP collapsed.

Back to the AABP. They changed it to AANFO (Agency against Nevada for the Freedom of Others) and now they were hunting them down. They trained grunts into super soldiers like the ones typically seen in Madness Combat and a main goal to destroy the Tylers and Fred.

TO BE CONTINUED IN actually i don't know what to name the sequel. maybe madnessmaster9000 has some ideas?

Posted by juicedrop - June 19th, 2018

The four went over to the other rooms to check if anybody's okay. And they finally went to the manager's room. Fred was the manager of the NFO so he didn't worry, and besides he was the CEO and founder. Inside, however, was a green ghost-like figure kind of like the Auditor. Besides him was a white one. This was Greenfield and his buddy. Also there was the Auditor who had survived but his mind genetically changed after the incident. They were known as the 'Superior 3'. One of them, the white one, spawns a dragon sword and slices through Logan, killing him. Zack, angry, tries to attack it but it overpowers him and crushes him with a spawned rock waist down.
Biro realized each of these must have a weakness. He knows the Auditor's weakness must be a recipient of a portable improbabality drive because he hates those, so he finds a random grunt and inserts a PID. The grunt is now crazy like Tricky was and starts to attack the Auditor where he was accidently sucked up. This blew up the Auditor where we found the white one's weakness; Explosions. This was how he died; He was blown to pieces by a level 1 agent. This destroyed it. Now it was just Greenfield. Greenfield goes to a nearby mountain and starts to terroise Nevada. He then goes to Utah where he starts randomly killing people. So now Biro and Fred must go on a quest, or do they? They realize the explosion caused a portable device to come out of nowhere; Questonic. There they played for hours trying to reach Greenfield and they succeeded. Then they had to find out the weakness. He had aquired a green halo, probably from the Auditor. This is when Fred realized; Greenfield was a weak grunt with green clothes back in the old days when there were 4-5 1337 agents. Greenfield hated shotguns, so this must mean they need a shotgun! Fred and Biro rush out to find one and they find a double barrel. Fred aims point blank and hits Greenfield in the chest. He collapses, green smoke is coming out of the wound. Then Biro shares the trigger and they pull it together. Greenfield... DOESN'T DIE. HE STILL HAS ONE MORE SHOT TO GO. He grabs Fred and rips him in half, finishing off Fred. He then goes to the revival chambers and destroys it like it was nothing. Then he gets back to Biro, but before he could kill Biro, he heard a reloading sound. Zack had a shotgun shell and put it into the shotgun. He shot Greenfield in the head and Greenfield finally dies. Zack Tyler dies in the hands of Biro. Biro gazes at the mess and walks back to the MWR with a whole ton of weapons. He has one goal; destroy the MWR and the AABP (Biro Parker, they changed it when Fred was killed)

Posted by juicedrop - June 17th, 2018

Biro, Hank, and a new guy to the series Zack Tyler, brother of Logan Tyler, but not a new guy to MWR started to hunt down Fred. Hank really wanted to kill him for what he did to the poor men but Biro was so keen on sparing him. In fact he convinced Zack Tyler to spare him due to the fact Fred was always getting powerful and it could be used to an advantage even though Fred was indirectly responsible for Zack's brother's death. They went out and found him in a building for a new agency called NFO (Nevada for the Freedom of Others) and he was a good worker there. He carried around 2 double barrels and 2 revolvers. He lost his older helmet but he was told there was a training facility nearby with a new and improved one (see madnessmaster9000 for more details). Hank came out first and shot him in the eye but he wasn't dead. He shot twice with his double barrel blindly and hit Hank in the chest killing him painfully and Zack in the head killing him swiftly. Biro was like "oh sheet" and Fred collapsed, dead. With Biro being the only eyewitness he grabbed Fred's body and brought it to the training facility. Lucky for Biro there was a revival chamber which makes the revived person stronger and better. When Fred came out he was surprised to see Biro. "What the hell happened back there, Biro?" he said. "You killed Hank and demolished the Tyler bloodline. "Not exactly" said a voice coming from behind. It was Logan and a revived Zack. "Sanford saved my ass, too so I thought I'd be nice and saved Zack's ass. Of course I'll save Sanford's ass next."


They were talking and handed Fred the helmet and some extra armor made of Kevlar. Biro gave Fred a bandana and Fred called himself "The Madness Master". "Oh, I'm partially blind now in my right eye since it got shot there."

"No worries!" Logan said. "We have systems that give better eyesight when enabled. We'll enable it for you."

On the outside it looked like a crosshair in the left corner but in the inside Fred was getting better eyesight.

"Am I a zomb-"

Fred was cut short when bullets ripped. It was Hank and Sanford. Sanford was using his hook and revolver as Hank was using 2 ak-47's. You see I didn't want to spoil the fact Hank was alive. Hank found the room with all 4 of them and shot Fred in the neck. But before he could blow up the revival chambers and bring back the other 3 he was shot by an unkown gunman. He ran off and Zack identified him as the Gunslinger known for his train attack on March the 30th 2001 and the AAMWR attack on November the 14th 2007. Fred was healed with special bandages and Sanford wasn't found. "Probably hiding injured in a ditch" Biro exclaimed. They flipped on the news and it turns out it was the Gunslinger but he was shot dead by police after he surrendered. The cop that shot him was arrested and charged with murder with the intent to kill.



Posted by juicedrop - June 16th, 2018

Greenfield: Look, we got a monster on the loose. Known only as Tricky. Zombie clown that kills people with a stop sign wearing a hockey mask. All we have is a .22 and a dragon sword, both taken straight from Hank!

Biro grabs them and goes off

He finds a sniper and a corpse, shot in the head. Probably by the AAHW.

Biro looks in the scope and sees Tricky being, well, Tricky. There's 2 L447s and an ATP Soldat wearing special masks to deal with his bullshit. Biro shoots and he misses, and the Soldat deflected it with his mask. And the 3 guards go off leaving Tricky on his own.

Biro: This is too easy now

Tricky spots Biro and pretty much teleports to Biro.

Tricky: M1DDL3 F1NG3R 0F JUST1C3

Tricky pulls out 2 smgs and shoots the shit out of the sorroundings

But Biro pulled out his gun and shoots Tricky a good few times but Tricky takes out a stop sign and destroys the gun. It pretty much becomes a sword fight with Tricky having the upper hand and he even destroys the dragon sword, but he realized the sniper had an MP5 so he took it and shot Tricky to death with it. Satisfied, he went on his own.



A gang was holding up the place


Kid is hiding

GM: We'll have to use force!

The GM shoots at Greenfield. Biro never found out what happened.

But out of nowhere Hank comes with a few Soldats and they start firing at the gang. They later only request one thing: An alliance. They'll do whatever they can to help.

This was a success and the deal was made, but Fred revealed to have been apart of the agency the whole time and he was going to destroy it all.

Fred kills the Soldats and manages to scare away Hank

But the MWR was not ammused and they almost killed him. Biro was wondering "What the fuck just happened?"

Biro: Hmm, the lights are starting to get dimmer. I'll see if the the electrical board is being played with.

A few other MWR members went with him, Sanford, a newly zombified Deimos who had been finished after months of work, Mark, who liked to wear a Jebus Mask from the olden days, and Hank returned to see if it's Fred.

Biro grabs more ammo and Mark fixes the dragon sword for Hank.

Now it's a team!

Deimos had 2 G36s and he wiped the floor with the gang which had come back. But Sanford and Deimos take a different way. Little did they know, Fred was there and he was about to do something.


Greenfield was with Kid who was doing all he could to help Greenfield

Greenfield: Hey, is this gonna be a movie death? If so I want my final word to be Rosebud.

Greenfield dies


Biro had managed to get to the electrical panel when the Gang Leader who had come back was looking a little more... Tricky. Turns out Tricky had survived and he made a gang. He pulled out a deagle and shot Hank in the back. Then he shot the panel which shot out electricity which killed Biro. Mark got his foot shot off but luckily he pulled out a .22 and said "Eat lead scaramouche" and pulled the trigger. Tricky died on the spot and his death caused the gang to dissapear. Biro still had some brain waves, so the still living Hank took him to a revival chamber as he helped Mark get around. The 3 survived and Biro said "Fred must've had a plan he didn't want to get destroyed" and Hank nodded. But Mark said to Hank "You think the zombification process we're doing can cause a zombie apocolypse?"

Hank said "I had a weird fever dream about that when I got a high fever last week".



Biro: Well, Hank, I had this hallucination with my brain waves which actually saved my life where you only had bandages around your head and body and you looked like a grunt... it was weird."

Hank: Aahh, yes, that was when the Apotheosis had occurred...

Sanford had came rushing out nowhere saying "Fred's back! He killed Deimos... again."

Hank rushed over and shot Fred to death

Sanford later regrouped with Kid and told the others "We're going to go into hiding, Nevada wants my head on a plate so it's best if we look like nobodies"

Later, Biro and Fred went missing.

Then MWR had it's name changed to Madness WITH Reason



Posted by juicedrop - June 14th, 2018

So the 3 enter the base and the fake arrestee is taken to a cell. Biro is put under grunt training and Logan guards. Then all of a sudden the bullets rip! It wasn't Biro or Logan, it was a strange figure. The strange figure dissapears immediately. The alarm sounds and the plan fails.


Guard: Sounds like the alarm, Ben cover me

Ben: I got it.

????: Wait, I'm L447. I have a knife. The idiots think I'm one of them.

Ben: Nick, I'll give you a deagle if that's alright.

Nick: That'll do. There's Biro and Logan, a fake L33T agent whom we've been trusting for months. Sanford, the most wanted we have, is up front about to attack the shipment

The guard, Ben, and Nick head off.


Logan: Shit! This isn't good.

Ben comes out

Ben: You spy! Put your hands up and drop your weapon!

Logan: What did I do? There was a weird figure that killed everyone inside!

Biro: I saw it too.

Ben: Then what's your names?

Logan: Logan

*Ben shoots Logan to death without remorse*

Ben: Your name?

The shadowy figure returns and stabs Ben before dissapearing again.

Biro pulls out his SMG and kills the guard

Biro: Dude, you were a traitor?

Nick: A man's gotta do what he gotta do

*Nick shoots Biro in the chest but Biro shoots Nick in the head. Biro goes unconsiuous*

Biro wakes up in the MWR base.

Greenfield: What the hell happened?

A voice in the background: I shot a bunch of people disguised as the Auditor.

Biro: Fred?

Fred: Yeah that's me, Biro. You and Sanford survived and we got a new guy on the spot.

A grunt comes out, wearing a cap and wielding dual shotguns. He's wearing a bulletproof vest and is wearing a pair of sunglasses.

???: Don't be fooled I'm not badass I actually have a mental age of 14.

Sanford: Biro, this is Kid. Turns out AAMWR turned him into a 1447 but that lowered his mental age.

Biro: Sanford, did you save me?

Sanford: Technically Kid did as he was able to grab you as I protected him.


Part 3 will consist of the legendary Tricky mission.

Posted by juicedrop - June 14th, 2018

no picture this time, newgrounds don't like


A team of 4 people walk into a cave.

A voice comes on, it was Greenfield

Greenfield:  Alright, you 3 are lead by Biro. Biro is my closest living friend.

Didn't disclose this, but Greenfield's best pal was a guy named Willard who got killed by Hank. This is in the universe where Hank joined the AAHW and it changes to AAMWR

Biro: Alright, I'm thinking we could easily take this place if we conserve ammo.

???: Yeah, but I have a better plan. My name's Logan by the way.

Logan: I'm an undercover member of MWR and I'm spying on the AAMWR as a L33T agent. We could pretend to be new grunts on the spot, but we need to be better.

????: I can pretend to be arrested, but I need a weapon to help me break out.

?????: I can get you this bowie knife, name's Sanford by the way. One of the major members of the MWR but Biro knows that.

Sanford: I heard there's going to be a large shipment of grunts guarded by Soldats and driven by some Engineers. It's also carrying a new agent, only known as 1447. I'll stay to take care of it. I also heard it's carrying an old friend of mine...

????: I think this can do, I'll conceal it.

Logan: I'll provide you with a key to help you get out

Biro: Sounds like a plan, let's do it!


DOES IT WORK? FIND OUT NEXT PART (this is fun to make)