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The Tournament

Posted by juicedrop - July 12th, 2018

(I added in extra characters)

Our Hero has navigated through the tretches of the Sheriff's building and has trapped the Sheriff. He's just about to pop a cap when he realizes he's out of ammo but Our Hero shoots his pistol. Our Hero gets him at gunpoint and BANG! Our Hero is dead. 3 things came out. The One, The Auditor, and Hank. Hank is the true self of Our Hero. The Auditor is self-hatred. The One is evilness. The Auditor absorbed The One which made him OP and started an agency called the AAHW. The Sheriff was put as the manager of that said agency. The story goes as normal, and after Madness Abrogation some people Hank was affiliated with are put in a tournament. The winner will save Hank, if any.

Our first guy is Trevor. He wields a 1337 sword with a baseball cap, a shotgun, and sunglasses. He starts off by getting his first target: Jack. Jack is a clone made by the MWR of Deimos. The 2 fight and Trevor slices off Jack's right hand. He leaves him to bleed out. The next guy is Mark. Mark wears a Jebus mask and holds 2 revolvers and is missing a foot like M1-3. Mark gets a few hits on him but Trevor stabs him in the brain, killing him instantly. Trevor finds a first aid kit and bandages himself up... His next guy is Evan. Evan is the "heavy" guy of the bunch. He wields a chaingun and an M4. Trevor shoots Evan twice with his shotgun but Evan starts firing and clips Trevor. Trevor throws his sword at Evan and it stabbed him through the heart. He picks up his sword and M4 and moves on to the final room.

Next guy is Emir. He is the inferior to Evan but has ties to Skullbones, MWR, and the NFO. He's a diplomat and is not supposed to be fighting. But he grabs a pistol and realizes this game is rigged. He's to fight 1337 agents and ATP Engineers and Soldats with a pistol. He says "WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS?". He is blown up randomly after that and so are the people who he had to kill.

After that we get... Bethony? She's as harmless as a fly but she gets a cleaver and is to kill twenty-five tactical units from the NFO. She slaughters and slaughters until she gets to one that had an AAHW logo on him. It was unit Fred Jenkins. He was as powerful as the Auditor, maybe even more powerful. He pointed a gun at her head and fired. Fred quickly ran into the final room before he could've blown up.

Last guy is Sanford. Sanford needs no introduction. He finds Jack alive and helps him through while doing what comes normal. When he comes across some ATP Soldats Jack shoots them dead for Sanford. But when they got in the final room... things got weird... a voice said he was "The One" and will murder anyone who contests. Now what the guys have to do is kill eachother. Sanford pulls out his hook and stabs Trevor but he claims the walls are closing and shoots Sanford in the head, killing him. Jack screams and leaps onto Trevor but Fred saves him by pulling him off and slamming him to the ground. Now what they have to do is break open a door... and Fred just charged into it. The door busted open and he saw the key. Fred took the key but it was a trap! A trapdoor opened and Fred fell down into a pit of spikes. The One said "Trevor, you have done well. Take this key and save your friend." It was Hank in a cage and he unlocked it and it opened. But Jack comes up from behind and says "I'M LEFT HANDED, BITCH!" and stabs Trevor a bunch before something killed Jack. It was The One. Hank and Trevor leave after that incident and they mourn the lost together........... The End. (Universe 4)