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Posted by juicedrop - June 23rd, 2018

A man is in the Nevada for the Freedom of Others building. He is of interest for the Skullbones gang, lead by Mark "Skullbones" Johnson. They go to the the roof and spot him smoking a cig. The 2 sent, Jack Pierce and Harry Norton are skilled Skullbones fighters. They kidnap the target and leave a note. The NFO sees the note and reaches out to the Skullbones. They arrange a meeting with Terry Jenkins, brother of Fred Jenkins. In the middle of the thing they bring out the kidnapped grunt, Joe Pini. But after he's brought out, Jack Pierce pops out of a nearby trash can and starts shooting at Terry. Terry is quickly killed and Harry realizes a plan. He shoots himself twice, arm and leg, and dusts off the fingerprints before placing it where Terry is. They quickly escape.

2 months later NFO declared war on the Skullbones gang due to weapons tracing going back to Harry. They just want Harry and Joe back. But the Skullbones sent more skilled men to take down NFO. One crew, including Mark, Harry, Jack, and Bob, go after the wrong base on accident. This includes Paul, the most badass antagonist. He sets them up by cloning a soldier and the lead scientist. Then he uses direct orders secretly planted inside the cloning machine that changes the user and the clone to follow direct order to make the soldier hunt down a crew. This crew was actually the CBBD. But instead they ran into the Skullbones crew. They were trying to find possible NFO members and sparing civillians but all they saw were AAFJ agents, engineers, soldats, mags, and soldiers. They came to the conclusion they were in the wrong base. But an ATP Soldier spotted them and started shooting. The 4 hid under 3 crates and Bob subdued the soldier temporarily by throwing his uzi at him. Then he grabs it and moves on on his own. He tries shooting at 3 AAFJ members, one of them being Biro Gator, but gets shot to death quickly. One of the Skullbones gangster, who wears a green/black version of the Soldat thing and black clothes pulls out a pistol and sees Harry gets murdered. This is the upgraded Jack Pierce. He pulls out his pistol and shoots one of the soldiers to death. After that he gets his head nearly blown off by Biro. Skullbones surrenders and explains the whole situation, but since they mistook him for a NFO agent, Walton Colly, they shot him dead. This act weakened the AAFJ once they shot him and the AAFJ was easy to be destroyed. The NFO managed to finish off the Skullbones gang and teamed up with the AAFJ in exchange for assistance on defeating attackers. Walton Colly was executed by his only friends for crimes he didn't commit which angered Terry, who is now known as the sole attacker after the CBBD stories come out.