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It's alright, however there are a lot of things you could do to improve.
For starters, the watermark is a little distracting. I don't really mind much as it's much better than "other" watermarks (ahem, filmora)
Another complaint I have is that the videos don't have much discussion. I know it's only a minute and it's hard to animate long videos, but I wouldn't mind the videos being 15-30 seconds longer.

Anyway, other than that this was a good video.

edit: Hey, don't worry about it. I see a lot of potential in you!

VGG-Brayden responds:

Sorry about the mistakes

Nice animation. I'd love to see a sequel where the guy gets revived and he tries to take his revenge. This could do well as it's own series. The animation is a little choppy and it is a bit short, but that doesn't matter as I can see you are a really creative person.

TokarevTM responds:

thank you so much :D

3 seconds in and it's the highest quality madness animation i've seen. Excluding official.

RainbowUndead responds:

Thanks! :3

From the get go I knew this was going to be great. I know it's not as polished as a lot of other madness animations, but there's just so much effort I love it. It's short, sweet, and amazing. Keep up the good work!

Damasashi responds:

Thanks, I appriciate it <3

God has blessed us with this animation. True art.

Mlg-the-prankster responds:


It's a nice style! I see you have potential in story based madness.

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Many thanks! Glad somebody recognizes my ability to implement stories into animations. They can be fun to come up with.

haha very funny also i have type 1 diabetes

Lunydoobles responds:

I'm sure your family physician has that handled

Voices aren't really crisp. Maybe it will be better to make it more crisp and clean.

LittleSween responds:

Thanks for the critique man, I'm just trying to get used to exporting really, first time using swivel :D

There's something wrong with the animation... and I don't know what...

Also the feet are kinda awkward. All that needs to happen is to fix the feet of non-robot characters and replace the feet of the robot characters with some more robotic feet. Also the design of the robot should look more like a robot... they start out looking like a normal grunt and they take more damage and start looking more like a robot. Also replace the blood with sparks.

napstapro115 responds:

whats sparks

Oh well

Bingleheimer responds:


I'm a Martian with bad art and bad vocabulary and bad stories and bad social skills and a whole lot of and's.

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