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The Train Heist: Part 1

Posted by juicedrop - July 30th, 2018

.  Part 1: Setting up the job
    "Claude, we know you're mad at GPT for taking 1 of your ideas, but look on the bright side: You still managed to win the lawsuit and rights to the idea."
"No, it is not enough. Steal as much of their technology as you can. We will end this the right way. They won't even realize when it's finished. We will take the Video-Box which is supposed to be the most high-tech thing in existence, steal the technology of it, trash the box itself, add some tweaks and we got ourselves a hit like no other."
The Heist is a success and 20+ men are transporting the Video-Box for a 32 mile journey from the UK to New York through a large Ocean bridge. They think it's a hit well done but the GPT knew better. They had hidden cameras on the Video-Box prototype just in case of an emergency. Now they have a team of 5 sent to take it back by force.
The Commando, Harold
The Scout, Max
The Regular, Bob
The Tactical, Paul
The Defensive, Smith
The CEO of GPT presents a manager. This was the manager of the Secondary location of GPT and home of the Specialized PC. The manager groups up each of the 5 people in a room with 6 chairs and a table. He presents a revolver. He sits in the empty chair and says that there are 5 bullets in the revolver, 1 for each of them. Whomever is willing to play will earn a million dollars and won't have to do the heist. Out of all of them, the Commando was willing to play. He pulls the trigger and there's nothing coming out. He sighs and asks for his money and the manager told him "There was not a single bullet". He walks out and says to them all "Good luck. Commando, you'll get your extra money after the heist. If you don't make it out, we'll send it to a living relative."
Smith is eager to start the heist for the Video-Box, but Max is scared. He thinks they might have firearms. They don't even know Claude was the iniator of the snatch and grab. They talk weapons. Harold gets a machine gun and a shotgun. Max gets a Machete and a silenced Uzi. Bob gets a pistol and a cricket bat. Paul gets an M16 and an M1911. Smith gets a riot shield and regular Uzi. They head off and get into a helicopter, which is to drop them off at the train before it goes over the ocean.