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Posted by juicedrop - July 22nd, 2018

All was gone, but all we had was hope. And it all deminished. Sanford died. Kidd died. Bruce is a traitor.  Dan died. Ben died... and it's just Chuck.
I was left in the room. It turned dark and Ben's body just laid there. Then the door opened. The lights turned on again and they escorted me to Paul. He told me about The One and his control of time. Paul wanted me to join the MWR. I just stood there, silent. All my friends were dead and the only living one was a traitor. But something surprised me... Biro was full of remorse. He probably only wanted Fred Jenkins, and that was thrown in the bin.
    I got an injection that was supposed to turn me and if that failed they were to try microchipping. They would just throw me out, remove my wanted status, and made me a normal civillian if that failed. They were about to put in the microchip seeing how the injection failed and 3 people game in. Kidd, Sanford, and would you know it Fred Jenkins. The 3 of them shot off the MWR personell and took me to the truck.
They drove me home where we just stared at eachother. I pulled out my Nokia and started to dial up Dan hoping for an answer. But it was Mark who answered, and he didn't have a nokia. He talked about hiding and accidently screwing over Dan. Bruce was a force to be reckoned with.
New personell was being made. S.T.F.U's were the norm for the MWR, the AAA (Agency Against Anything) instead of renaming every second XD (did i just use that emoticon oh god kill me). Anywho the NFO was crumbling. Fred Jenkins was to walk into the main base and take over the NFO again. Sanford and Kidd were to go back into hiding but put up some defense turrets. I pulled out my Nokia and found out it changed to a NoPhone. I dialed up Mark and told him I needed to do something. He claimed I should confront Paul.
I prepared. I just would walk in, try to ignore the units, save ammo, get to Paul, kill him, kill the attackers, capture Biro, and we're all done. Besides, this is the final episode. What more is to ask for?
I just walk in. I have a special 12 shot shotgun and a revolver. I start to get attacked a few times, just take care of them. Eventually my revolver runs out and I just drop it. Besides, Paul was just in the next room. I walk in and I realize I wasn't to kill Paul directly, I were to shoot the Mega Tank full of the gas used in Mega Grenades. Shoot it twice. Kaboom. It was only Paul and Biro left. I smash Paul's head to bits with the end of my shotgun. I just... can't stop smashing. Biro even pushed me to stop. The 2 of us walk out... the NFO is now Fred's again... the MWR is back to square 1... and the AAA is gone for good. It was a happy end, but there was something pressuring us. Skullbones, the main crew was Skullbones. And we were just some Side Crew. Anyway the gang was back together and we think of Hank. He just, was blown up. That's all. Nothing special. We think a cliche will happen but no. The One is not that special. He reverts time back to how it was. '82. And we can relax as there's no more magic...