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I'm a Martian with bad art and bad vocabulary and bad stories and bad social skills and a whole lot of and's.

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Posted by juicedrop - July 20th, 2018

      It was a dark and dusty day...
We were escaping from the base when Chuck realized we forgot Dan and Mark. But I knew it was too late. We put on a bunch of Queen songs and moved on. We found a gun shop and we saw our wanted posters... all except Sanford and Kidd. Those 2 bought the guns for us but we were ambushed by the MWR for the death of Hank J. Wimbleton. One of them was Bruce... and he charged at Sanford and pinned him to the wall. Bruce, just won't die...
Sanford was killed at 6:29 PM on Februrary 10th 2012, and we started getting suspicous of the times. The 3 of us ran away and Bruce couldn't catch up. We found an abandoned shack and we got ourselves settled in. Kidd just couldn't speak, and the 1447 chip finally worked... He attacked me but I knocked him out. We used a sickle to remove the chip and the shack was red now. We got out but Kidd bled out and died... Now it was just the 2 of us. I was finally put up on wanted posters and a couple of cops noticed. They took us in but the AABC ambushed the car and got us after killing the cops.
We were knocked out and when I woke up I was in a weird facility. I saw Chuck but I couldn't move to him because of a super chain. I immediately regretted watching Saw and it's entirety... There were a submachine gun, an over the top Double Barrel Shotgun, and a scopeless sniper. I had all the ammo, though, and my first thought was we had to break ourselves free. I even asked for the scopeless sniper to shoot off my chain. However, right before he gave it to me a sound played. It was someone who called himself Paul; Worshipper of the One, changer of time. He said the only way out is to kill the other one. And I said to him "Why this?". The One appeared in the room and said "To limit". I looked up and saw a lot of HRs and S.T.F.U.'s watching above, including Biro Parker... I immediately tried to grab the closest gun, which was the shotgun. I loaded it up and shot Chuck twice... but it was about the age of the Lincoln Memorial and backfired at me. Luckily, I used my remaining shot to shoot Chuck taking into the account of the backfire. He grabbed the sniper and used it to bash my head and he grabbed the sniper clip of 5 bullets from me. He loaded it in but instead of trying to kill me he shoots his ankle a bunch of times until it's gone. Now he has 1 bullet left in his sniper and he's missing a foot. He tries to shoot me but I wrestle him and realize I was the maniac here. So right when I'm about to pull the trigger... he pushes the gun to aim at me and I en-