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Side Crew Part 3 (Dan's POV)

Posted by juicedrop - July 16th, 2018

It was a cold day...
    December 17th, 1993
    We have just snuck across the lively room with all those innocent grunts and we were heading onto the next room. However, Bruce is a brute. He instead goes straight back into that room and tried to beat everyone to death before an ATP Engineer started to shoot at Bruce, seemingly killing him. The 3 of us run undetected, still with our disguises. But it wasn't enough to get to the core. Ben had his bat tucked away and he was disguised as a Soldat. He was the only one of the group to even look at the core due to...
A) Not being wanted
B) Has ties to the NFO (before the stuff happened)
C) Is disguised as the earliest rank to look at the core.
    So Ben is taken their and Chuck and I watch him from a screen recording from the eye-goggle. We notice Ben is pulling something out and knocks out the ATP Soldier. He changes outfits and is allowed a "closer look". One of the ATP Soldiers claims Hank returned. Hank was in that room and told everyone the core needed a quick replacement due to new files in place with the old files being older activity. Luckily for the Side Crew, Ben was randomly chosen by Hank to bring the core to a place where it's archived or destroyed. Ben regroups with us and we head off. We realize the self destruct thing was still inimite and we toggle it. As we drive off in the van, with an empty seat, the base explodes. Mission complete. I celebrate with a party with Mark, Chuck, Ben, and I. The 2 leaders congratulate us and reveal themselves at last. One of them was Sanford. The other was Kidd. They decided now was the time to stop the MWR, AACD, and the NFO. Sanford was working on a machine that would have the mind of Fred Jenkins. Kidd was planning out other base intrusions.
    But then things went dirty. The alarms in the base went off and Sanford, Kidd, Chuck, and Ben all managed to get out the secret way. But I was left alone as they locked it in my face. It was just Mark and I. Mark hid and I had nothing to do as 3 ATP Soldiers ran up to me. They pointed guns at me, ready to shoot until I heard a voice. "Excuse me fellas, I'll take it from here". It was Bruce. That asshole was a traitor. He repeatedly tried to beat me up but I kept on getting up. I pulled out my daggers and started to stab Bruce. When one of my daggers broke, I used the handle to shove that metal piece in. He grabbed my hand, and ripped it off. I crawled with my remaining hand and raise it to say I surrendered. He's just looking at me... what do I do?