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Posted by juicedrop - June 22nd, 2018

This is entirely dedicated to Fred Jenkins


Now that Fred has permanately taken Biro Parker Gator with him, he must fight a common enemy. He had recruited a new guy, Seth. Seth wasn't really that talented in combat but he was talented in the madness. Good distraction. The mission was simple. Destroy project AQ. It was named after Marcus Aq who created the project. They managed to contact Zack and he claimed the rules were simple. Blow up the room and take the scientist. They were also told there was a seperate squadron doing this. The people in that were: Chuck, Dan, Bruce, and Ben. Ben had a bat. Bruce had fists as he was a brute. Dan had daggers. And Chuck had nunchucks. They were told the scientist and a random heavy soldier were the first to be tested. Fred and Seth went on. Biro, inside Fred, was in the paradise. But to Fred, he was in Hell.

Part 2: Seth does his job. Seth distracted guards so Fred could get in. Then the alarms tripped. Chuck bursted in and surprised Fred. Fred and Chuck went onto the next room where 3 men were there. They were staring at a body in a ventilation shaft and trying to contact someone who could pull it out. Fred took out a dagger from himself (because he was pretty much the new Auditor) and stabbed one of the guys. Chuck knocked out the other 2. In the next room 2 scouts and a tactical unit were practicing for the big days. Fred pulled a special triple barrel out and shot the 3 of them. He made it dissapear after that. There was a crossroads with 2 rooms. They split up after that.

Part 3: Fred's last stand was near. He pulled out a minigun and started shooting at the endless ammount of soldiers. Then came the big guys. Specialized Tactical Frontline Units or STFU (i swear it was a coincidence when it first happened). There were 3 of those big boys. One of them had a special weapon that could kill the Auditor. Fred took out the other 2 without a sweat. But then the guy started shooting. He managed to blast off the head of Auditor-Fred and Biro came out, completely confused. The STFU unit took him in and drove him to another base.

And that's the end of my special universe

I mean there will be more of this, but Fred? He's gone. Forever. Biro? He's taken in with the AA. It's probably going to be renamed to AACDBB against the special squadron but it's unknown.