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Biro's Conquest

Posted by juicedrop - June 20th, 2018

Months have passed since the "incident" but everything seems okay for the MWR and AABP. They have launched a new experimental campaign which is so subliminal Biro can't show his face anywhere due to side effects. Biro realized if he were to survive, he must slaughter en masse.

He runs out with his large assortment of weaponry and he starts to slaughter his attackers. His weaponry included 2 battle axes, 2 shotguns, 2 uzis, 2 assault rifles, and a rocket launcher. Oh and 2 swords. He had a special vest just for this. You see, Zack actually survived but he lost his legs of course. He's been helping Biro in secret the whole time in exchange for a material that could bring back Logan. But back to the slaughterfest. He pulls out 2 swords and starts to slaughter grunts and spares normal civillians trying to be heroes and cops. The whole fucking millitary shows up and starts to shoot at him, but he has his way. He takes off the fucking hood of a car and uses it as a shield. He's gone insane. There's no going back. Then he got shot. Luckily, his vest handled it. It was Sanford. "Had to go out to do this, sorry man!". But he was stopped by someone. It was Kid. "Maybe we should watch like other people did to you."

Biro pulled out his shotguns and started to shoot at the things behind the millitary: 1337 and 1447 agents guarded by Engineers and Soldats.

Biro ran out of shells and started using his assault rifles which succeeded and the 1337 agents were all gone and only 1 engineer remained for engineers. That said engineer injected himself with something causing himself to overpower more than the others. Those others later died easily from Biro. Biro ran out of AR ammo and started going to UZI's trying to kill the agent. This fails and he loses his ammo for that. He goes to battle axes and after a bunch of misses he throws both at the agent and only one hits. He pulls out his rocket launcher and blows the shit out of the engineer. But he keeps on coming! He reforms as the heart is explosion-proof. Then he spawns a binary sword. The 2 had a good battle, and one of Biro's swords broke. Then his other one broke so he was left unarmed. He surrendered but then he remembered a smoke grenade. He used that and stole the binary sword of the engineer to destroy his heart. That finally killed it. He then moved onto the base itself. He sliced after sliced through grunts and 1337 agents. Then an engineer came out with an M4 and shot Biro a few times in non vest areas but Biro sliced off the head of that engineer. Then he collapsed. He was shot in the back of the head by a revived Hank, who was immediately shot in the back of the head by a revived Gunslinger, who proceeded to high five a possessed Fred Jenkins. He absorbed the body of Biro so they could be together forever and seeing how Fred managed to grab the halo while dead thanks to Zack so he saved Zack from his poor condition and revived Logan. He laughed and then he shot out a beam of energy that blew up the main base of the MWR. On the news said "Vigilantes destroy Madness with Reason. Warrant issued"

Inside the world of Fred Biro was always near him in a utopia paradise where the AABP collapsed.

Back to the AABP. They changed it to AANFO (Agency against Nevada for the Freedom of Others) and now they were hunting them down. They trained grunts into super soldiers like the ones typically seen in Madness Combat and a main goal to destroy the Tylers and Fred.

TO BE CONTINUED IN actually i don't know what to name the sequel. maybe madnessmaster9000 has some ideas?