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B&F Part 3: Questonic

Posted by juicedrop - June 19th, 2018

The four went over to the other rooms to check if anybody's okay. And they finally went to the manager's room. Fred was the manager of the NFO so he didn't worry, and besides he was the CEO and founder. Inside, however, was a green ghost-like figure kind of like the Auditor. Besides him was a white one. This was Greenfield and his buddy. Also there was the Auditor who had survived but his mind genetically changed after the incident. They were known as the 'Superior 3'. One of them, the white one, spawns a dragon sword and slices through Logan, killing him. Zack, angry, tries to attack it but it overpowers him and crushes him with a spawned rock waist down.
Biro realized each of these must have a weakness. He knows the Auditor's weakness must be a recipient of a portable improbabality drive because he hates those, so he finds a random grunt and inserts a PID. The grunt is now crazy like Tricky was and starts to attack the Auditor where he was accidently sucked up. This blew up the Auditor where we found the white one's weakness; Explosions. This was how he died; He was blown to pieces by a level 1 agent. This destroyed it. Now it was just Greenfield. Greenfield goes to a nearby mountain and starts to terroise Nevada. He then goes to Utah where he starts randomly killing people. So now Biro and Fred must go on a quest, or do they? They realize the explosion caused a portable device to come out of nowhere; Questonic. There they played for hours trying to reach Greenfield and they succeeded. Then they had to find out the weakness. He had aquired a green halo, probably from the Auditor. This is when Fred realized; Greenfield was a weak grunt with green clothes back in the old days when there were 4-5 1337 agents. Greenfield hated shotguns, so this must mean they need a shotgun! Fred and Biro rush out to find one and they find a double barrel. Fred aims point blank and hits Greenfield in the chest. He collapses, green smoke is coming out of the wound. Then Biro shares the trigger and they pull it together. Greenfield... DOESN'T DIE. HE STILL HAS ONE MORE SHOT TO GO. He grabs Fred and rips him in half, finishing off Fred. He then goes to the revival chambers and destroys it like it was nothing. Then he gets back to Biro, but before he could kill Biro, he heard a reloading sound. Zack had a shotgun shell and put it into the shotgun. He shot Greenfield in the head and Greenfield finally dies. Zack Tyler dies in the hands of Biro. Biro gazes at the mess and walks back to the MWR with a whole ton of weapons. He has one goal; destroy the MWR and the AABP (Biro Parker, they changed it when Fred was killed)