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Biro and Fred

Posted by juicedrop - June 17th, 2018

Biro, Hank, and a new guy to the series Zack Tyler, brother of Logan Tyler, but not a new guy to MWR started to hunt down Fred. Hank really wanted to kill him for what he did to the poor men but Biro was so keen on sparing him. In fact he convinced Zack Tyler to spare him due to the fact Fred was always getting powerful and it could be used to an advantage even though Fred was indirectly responsible for Zack's brother's death. They went out and found him in a building for a new agency called NFO (Nevada for the Freedom of Others) and he was a good worker there. He carried around 2 double barrels and 2 revolvers. He lost his older helmet but he was told there was a training facility nearby with a new and improved one (see madnessmaster9000 for more details). Hank came out first and shot him in the eye but he wasn't dead. He shot twice with his double barrel blindly and hit Hank in the chest killing him painfully and Zack in the head killing him swiftly. Biro was like "oh sheet" and Fred collapsed, dead. With Biro being the only eyewitness he grabbed Fred's body and brought it to the training facility. Lucky for Biro there was a revival chamber which makes the revived person stronger and better. When Fred came out he was surprised to see Biro. "What the hell happened back there, Biro?" he said. "You killed Hank and demolished the Tyler bloodline. "Not exactly" said a voice coming from behind. It was Logan and a revived Zack. "Sanford saved my ass, too so I thought I'd be nice and saved Zack's ass. Of course I'll save Sanford's ass next."


They were talking and handed Fred the helmet and some extra armor made of Kevlar. Biro gave Fred a bandana and Fred called himself "The Madness Master". "Oh, I'm partially blind now in my right eye since it got shot there."

"No worries!" Logan said. "We have systems that give better eyesight when enabled. We'll enable it for you."

On the outside it looked like a crosshair in the left corner but in the inside Fred was getting better eyesight.

"Am I a zomb-"

Fred was cut short when bullets ripped. It was Hank and Sanford. Sanford was using his hook and revolver as Hank was using 2 ak-47's. You see I didn't want to spoil the fact Hank was alive. Hank found the room with all 4 of them and shot Fred in the neck. But before he could blow up the revival chambers and bring back the other 3 he was shot by an unkown gunman. He ran off and Zack identified him as the Gunslinger known for his train attack on March the 30th 2001 and the AAMWR attack on November the 14th 2007. Fred was healed with special bandages and Sanford wasn't found. "Probably hiding injured in a ditch" Biro exclaimed. They flipped on the news and it turns out it was the Gunslinger but he was shot dead by police after he surrendered. The cop that shot him was arrested and charged with murder with the intent to kill.