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Biro Story, the official continuation

Posted by juicedrop - April 5th, 2018

The crew was devestated by the loss of Biro, and Fred found out. Biro was conscripted into the MWR without choice which was how he found out Biro never died but later did. Fred was walking down the street using his AGO when he came across a literal warzone. 2 men and a zombie fighting against the MWR. It was Z-Deimos, Sanford, and Hank fighting off everyone in the MWR. Fred pulled out a revolver and shot 3 shots in the air and reloaded. He shot Hank in the head which blew off his head. He said to everyone really clear "No more fooling around!". He left but not before Sanford could clip Fred's arm. Fred didn't budge. He then found his home, a normal suburban house. He slept normally and when he woke up, his house was on fire! He went downstairs to find his dog burned alive. He escaped but the dog didn't. He saved his revolver bullets, the revolver itself, and a chaingun. He stormed to a building known only as HDS. He stormed inside to find a bunch of normal grunts. Fred didn't open fire until he found his AGO up for sale. He opened fire on everyone and put the AGO on. He went into the next room and opened fire on all the grunts there. Then he found the TACTICAL UNIT. It was as powerful as the L33T agent in Madness Apotheosis. Fred had a little bit of an issue but he found the elevator. Fred took a ride next to a grunt with a name tag "B-Man". Fred cleared out the next floor but with B-Man's help. Then Fred found Z-Deimos on a convo with Hank. He pulled out his revolver and shot Z-Deimos' head clean off. The holographic projection of Hank disapeared, but B-Man recognized Fred. "Fred?". B-Man said. "Biro?" Fred said. The next floor had a bunch of TACTICAL UNITS and a few SPECIALIZED TACTICAL FRONTLINE UNITS. The tactical units were no big deal but the STFU's were. Fred was about to die before Biro shot the STFU in the face. The next room contained Sanford with 2 TACTICAL UNITS and a grunt. Biro spared the grunt while the STFU's were dealt with. Sanford surrendered and promised to give Hank's true location, showing a marker on the map. But that didn't fool Biro. He shot Sanford 15 times. Then he shot Sanford in the head.


Hank was upstairs, about to be revived. The doctors were dealt with by Fred's revolver. Then Biro put a C4 in the room and they got the hell out. HDS was gone.

Fred and Biro joined the MWR to destroy the AAFJ and AAMWR.