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I'm a Martian with bad art and bad vocabulary and bad stories and bad social skills and a whole lot of and's.

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Now I have an audio page! Currently there's only 1 but it will expand, I promise.

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any ideas?

ruling out news posts, those don't give me anything

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The GPT and Claude Inc personell were taken care of by a man. He just called himself "Scout". That's strange, wasn't Max a scout? His shape: Max. Then he came out of the shadows and it was an injured Max. One of his eyes was so damaged he had to gouge it out to survive. Max and Smith finally reunited and they continued the celebration of the Video Box. Now what happened to everyone?

GPT: Went bankrupt, but fans desperately made them stay up. They continued work but remembered not to make deals and send people on death missions.

Claude Inc: A lot of people hated Claude Inc. but it didn't go bankrupt, however a ton of GPT fans stormed the building and killed everyone inside. The millitary had to come in to deal with the fans but even they were overrun. To this day not all the fans were found, and they're wanted dead.

Smith and Max: They started their own tech company and quit their jobs as mercenaries. They are still really good in marketshare for their great tech. However, a lot of GPT fans are trying to stop their business "for stealing the video box" even when they had to share their story.

Max: 1978-2000 (due to injuries getting him infections)

Smith: 1970-2015 (gunned down by a GPT fan)

Due to severely terrible GPT fans GPT had to stop their business in 2015 and as respect for Smith

This took place in 1999


Posted by juicedrop - August 9th, 2018

8/9/18 is close to 9/1/18 when you think about it.

Posted by juicedrop - August 6th, 2018

PART 2/3
          The 5 make it to the Ocean Bridge in the middle of the ocean. Bob gets airsick and throws up out of the helicopter. Max notices something in the distance and it's the train! Harold goes first, then the other 4 go at once. Bob is pushed by Harold into the train and is shot dead by 4 guards. Paul, seemingly angry, jumps in and shoots those guards. The other 3 jump in and the heist starts. They have entered the caboose and don't know it. Max tries to go into the next room but it's not a room there! He falls onto the bridge and the door closes by itself, leaving his fate unknown.
         Smith goes into the other room and there's 7 guards drinking whiskey having a fun time. One notices Smith and opens fire, but Smith pulls out his riot shield. Harold uses Bob's cricket bat to knock out a high ranking officer, which he recognizes to be working for GPT. Harold sends the signal and they move on. Harold gets into the next one and there's 14 men, all dressed like spies. Harold is about to pull the trigger when he is attacked by a 15th man, the villian's right hand man Paul. Paul was a traitor. Paul was the one who spoke with Claude in the begining.
        He's about to kill Harold when Smith shoots him dead. Smith helps Harold up and they move on. Harold says to Smith that if he dies but not him then take the million dollars for your self. The next room is simply 5 men. They supplied the weapons and technology in the snatch and grab and are still working on hiding everything. They were just about to trash the box of the Video Box when Harold opens fire on the 5 men. 2 rooms were left. The next room was a management room with HR's and MR's of Claude Inc. There was even a LR. Then Smith realized the group was set up. GPT and Claude Inc. set this up. The HR of GPT came back and slit Harold's throat. Smith shot him in the left arm pit and pushed onward.
     He throws a grenade into the room and all but one of them perish. It was Claude. He lies there, in pain. Smith ends his misery with a bullet to the head. Smith goes to the conductor's room to see a normal conductor. It wasn't Claude Inc or GPT. Turns out they took a normal train to also cover up their tracks. He moves back and closes the door and goes back to the technology and weapons room. He takes the technology of the Video Box and the box itself and puts it back together, grabs Harold's body and gets out of the train. Smith got into the helicopter and used Harold's shotgun to kill every GPT member in it, even the manager, and uses some flight skills he got as a teen to fly to the GPT. He's not perfect at it, so he almost crashes a few times, but he manages to make it. He goes to the CEO and shoots him a few dozen times with his uzi and leaves. He forms his own company and publishes the Video Box there. And after that he wondered if Max was okay...
    He hosted a party with friends and family to celebrate the Video Box and some GPT and Claude Inc members weren't having it. They crash the party, and Smith gets them all to hide. But someone saves them...

Posted by juicedrop - August 6th, 2018

                   Epi Cadventure
                   Jorge Margrows
                   Racheal Smith
                   Erik Trimter
                   Nagol Hismah
                   Ganga Nocop
And the villians.... the Treasured People Society!

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Don't know when I'm coming back. I say 1/1/19.